Citizens, media, CSO

Why do citizens, media, and CSOs play an important role in our project?  

When citizens, media, and civil society organizations come together, activate, and engage in environmental protection, it has a wide range of positive impacts on preserving natural resources and promoting sustainable development.  

Citizens can contribute to environmental protection by changing their habits (recycling, energy conservation, etc.), through initiatives and actions that contribute to the protection of natural resources and the environment, as well as by participating in public debates and other mechanisms and processes where decisions on nature conservation and everything that surrounds us are made.  

The media are important for timely and accurate information about the state of the environment. Regardless of the main focus of the media, they should all have time and space to inform about current environmental challenges, problems, and solutions, encourage public debate, and empower citizens to actively engage in environmental protection. We believe in the power of the media and the collaboration between civil society and the media, which is why we have prepared activities to support the work of the media.  

Civil society organizations are the voice of citizens; they should provide space for civic activism, enable people to unite, act together, and have a greater impact on decisions, practices, and policies related to the environment. Organizations are often the drivers of projects and campaigns aimed at preserving nature, promoting sustainable development, and educating citizens. Through the "Together for the Environment" project, we will support citizens' associations as well as informal groups. 

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