Together for the Environment

What does the project "Together for the Environment" represent?

Together for the Environment is a five-year endeavor with the idea of developing a comprehensive program to support nature management in Serbia, encouraging the private sector in more efficient allocation and utilization of natural resources and biodiversity conservation, as well as empowering citizens, media, and civil society in advocating for a clean environment and responsible public authorities. 

The organizations gathered around this vision will work diligently from September 1, 2022, to August 31, 2027, to enhance environmental protection in Serbia, focusing their activities on: 

Who is implementing the project?

Belgrade Open School (BOS) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) are implementing the "Together for Environmental Protection Activity in Serbia" project in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Young Researchers of Serbia, the international environmental organization The Nature Conservancy, the ENECA association, and the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AmCham).

All partners possess extensive experience and expertise in various environmental protection areas. Together, we will work towards achieving the goals and ambitious results we have set.

What changes do we expect during the five years of collaborative work?

Throughout the entire project duration, we believe we will succeed in influencing all those who are crucial for environmental protection in Serbia. We will engage with managers of protected areas who directly care for nature, large companies, and small enterprises that can set a good example of sustainable business practices. Additionally, we will influence decision-makers, but perhaps most importantly, we will encourage citizens to be more resolute in addressing environmental issues in which we live and need to preserve. 

A series of organized workshops and training, along with direct financial support, will enable managers of protected areas to acquire new knowledge and skills essential for nature conservation. Furthermore, we will work on transferring the best practices of the American nature management system so that the most advanced environmental protection methods can thrive in Serbia. 

We will motivate the private sector to actively participate in preserving local communities. We will support innovations in the field of environmentally sustainable businesses and gather large companies, striving to align their business practices with the needs of nature. We will also address decision-makers to improve existing regulations and avoid situations where environmental protection remains merely a written document. 

Lastly, this five-year endeavor will be dedicated to you, the citizens who want to live in a country with clean air, blue rivers, and respect for the law. 

Educated and informed citizens about environmental protection policies are a crucial prerequisite for driving change. In order for citizens to be informed, media outlets reporting on environmental threats, civil society organizations directly involved in the life of local communities, and informal groups capable of rapid response on the ground are necessary. They all have equally important roles and will be part of diverse actions in environmental protection, advocacy with legislative authorities, and monitoring public policies, all through support programs that form the backbone of our project and your project. 

Because together, it's natural! 

How will we together enhance environmental protection in Serbia?

Through a series of different activities to be implemented over a five-year period, the partners will contribute jointly to nature and biodiversity conservation.