20. Feb 2024.

We continue to expand the citizen air monitoring network!

As part of the Together for Environment project, the Belgrade Open School provided an additional 200 sensors that will measure air quality throughout Serbia.

If there is no official data on air quality in your area and you are interested in how to be part of our network, write to us at the e-mail address:, and our colleagues will answer you in a timely manner and give you all the necessary information.

Photo author: Belgrade Open School

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User Council Establishment Guide

29. Aug 2023.

As part of the "Together for the Environment" project, Young Researchers of Serbia have developed the User Council Establishment Guide for protected areas in Serbia. The guide is intended for managers who aim to improve the overall condition of a protected area by involving a broader composition of citizens and stakeholders with a shared interest in creating an environment that concerns and is cared for by all.

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Program Go Green! - Small Grants Call Results

11. Aug 2023.

The Belgrade Open School is pleased to announce the list of approved projects within the first cycle of the Civil Society and Media Support Program for participation in decision-making processes and monitoring the implementation of public policies in the field of environmental protection and climate change - Go Green!

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Amir Hamzagić, Beta

Young Researchers of Serbia marked the International day of Biodiversity by awarding “Volunteers are Nature’s Peers” Recognition

22. May 2023.

On Monday, May 22, 2023, the Young Researchers of Serbia (YRS) marked the International Day of Biodiversity by awarding "Volunteers are Nature’s Peers" recognition to Aida Paljevac, volunteer and activist from Nova Varos, to honor exceptional volunteer engagement in the field of nature protection within the project "Together for the Environment".

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The Award Ceremony "Volunteers are Nature’s Peers"

18. May 2023.

On the International Day of Biodiversity, May 22, in the natural surroundings of the Great War Island,  Young Researchers of Serbia (YRS) will award the "Volunteers are Nature’s Peers" recognition to honor the engagement of volunteers who carry out activities for the protection of nature and biodiveristy.

The annual award "Volunteers are Nature’s Peers" promotes the importance of involving volunteers in activities dedicated to nature protection, encourages initiatives of individuals and organized groups, and highlights the values ​​of volunteer work, mutual cooperation and the involvement of citizens in decision-making processes related to nature protection.

This recognition is awarded as a part of the "Together for the Environment" project.

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Contest for the Award: Volunteers are Nature’s Peers

10. Apr 2023.

Volunteering in nature creates lasting bonds between people and natural resources. Although the volunteer engagement of citizens in nature conservation in Serbia is not officially appreciated and recognized enough, it is still traditional and widespread.

Motivated by years of work with volunteers on the protection and preservation of biodiversity and protected areas, the Young Researchers of Serbia are opening a competition for the award "Volunteers are Nature’s Peers" in order to give recognition and appreciation the exceptional engagement of individuals who volunteer through different activities in order to protect the nature.

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USAID and the Belgrade Open School together for improving environmental and biodiversity protection in Serbia

24. Mar 2023.

The Belgrade Open School and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) launched five-year Together for the Environment project to improve environmental protection and biodiversity in Serbia. The project was opened with a symbolic tour of the protected area in Belgrade - the Great War Island, on Wednesday, March 22, in order to inform the public and different target groups with all planned project activities and opportunities for participation.

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