Active citizens for a healthy environment

The environment in Serbia, characterized by numerous natural beauties and riches, is increasingly under threat. In order to improve nature protection, it is necessary for everyone to contribute and actively participate in its preservation.

The public's support in the decision-making process and influencing those responsible is of great importance. It is necessary to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection, the risks of its endangerment, and potential solutions that would bring numerous benefits to society as a whole in Serbia. That is why the media, civil society, and citizens are equally important and necessary in the joint fight for environmental protection.

Through the project "Together for the Environment", we will work to increase citizens' need for a healthy environment, biodiversity protection, and clean air. We will also advocate for transparent and participatory decision-making.

Project partners will strive primarily to educate, inform, and provide citizens with the necessary knowledge about public policies in the field of environmental protection. We will encourage citizens to actively and informedly participate in decision-making processes, with a special focus on nature protection, water management, and air quality.

Different programs within the project will provide financial, mentoring, and technical support to civil society organizations, media, and activists to improve the environment in which they live, inform their community, and demand responsible public authorities.